Open Letter to President of the People’s Republic of China Hu Jintao

With hopes still raised high, Migrante International humbly, sincerely and desperately appeals to Your Excellency that the Chinese Government spare the life of a Filipina who was convicted in your country for drug offense and sentenced to be executed on or before July 2.

We sincerely ask Your Excellency for commutation.  We believe that Filipinos on China death row are victims of larger drug syndicates who take advantage of the unawareness, vulnerability and desperation of our people.  We are pained that they are meted the death penalty while the big true drug operators and syndicates go on with wild abandon.

We hold the Philippine government accountable for failing to address the root causes of drug trafficking and other criminal activities that prey on the desperation of Filipinos. Our Filipinos will always be subjected to these tragedies for as long as the government sticks to promoting a labor export policy unmindful of the welfare and protection of Filipinos abroad. Unless the Philippine government creates enough decent jobs at home to curb forced migration and trafficking, it will always be responsible for every life that is threatened, endangered or lost.

Our appeal is thus an appeal for compassion.  None would be happiest than the two children of the sentenced Filipina. These children have not seen their mother for a long time.

Please listen to our plea and be the instrument for the extension of the life of the Filipina on death row. Our hope and prayers are with our compatriot and for a just and compassionate world. ###