Open Letter to the 18th Congress, House of Representatives: Filipino migrant organizations and migrants’ rights advocates oppose Anti-Terrorism Bill


Filipino migrant organizations and migrants rights advocates across different countries around the world unanimously express our strongest opposition to the Anti-Terrorism Bill which undermines democracy in the Philippines. Any attempt to nullify due process and equal protection before the law must be rejected. The Constitution provides that no law shall be enacted depriving any person of his life, liberty and property without due process of law. Warrantless arrests and arbitrary detentions for up to 24 days deprive accused persons of their right to legal remedy and are contradictory to the bill of rights enshrined in the 1987 Constitution. 

Despite the hundreds of billions of funds allocated for intelligence, the police and the military, there was still no assessment made on the implementation of the Human Security Act. This means that there are no concrete reasons that should compel Congress to enact the Anti-Terrorism Bill which creates conditions harsher than what Filipinos have had during the Martial Law period of the Marcos dictatorship. 

It is deplorable that at the height of the global pandemic and economic crisis, the government is prioritizing a bill that enables the weaponization of the law to criminalize legitimate dissent. There has been no attempt at all from the Duterte government to solve the extrajudicial killings perpetrated against rights activists and community defenders. Instead, the open pronouncements of death threats live on national television has become the new normal as the predominating culture of impunity becomes even more glaring. And these threats are being fulfilled by lawless state elements. 

With more than 200 thousand distressed OFWs stranded overseas, Filipino migrants agonize over the fact that the Anti-Terrorism Bill has been prioritized by the Duterte government over more pressing and urgent calls for amendments on the Universal Healthcare Act which imposes mandatory Philhealth and premium rate hike on overseas Filipinos. What the Filipino people really need at this period are mass testing, mass transportation, food relief, quality healthcare services, adequate quarantine facilities, and financial amelioration. 

We appeal to our legislators to listen to the real time demands of their constituents by delivering the urgent needs of the Filipino people at this period of crisis. 


  1. Migrante International
  2. International Seafarers’ Action Center
  3. United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-MIGRANTE-HK)
  4. Abra Migrant Workers Welfare Association
  5. Association of Concerned Filipinos
  6. Cuyapo OFW Association Hong Kong
  7. Filipino Friends
  8. Filipino Lesbian Organization
  9. Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers Union
  10. Filipino Migrants Association
  11. Filipino Women Migrant Association
  12. Friends of Bethune House
  13. Likha Filipino Migrants Cultural Organization
  14. Luzviminda Migrante
  15. Migrante Naguilian
  16. Migrante Pier
  17. Migrante Shatin
  18. Migrante Tamar
  19. Migrante Tsing Ti
  20. Migrante Tsuen Wan
  21. Migrante Yuen Long
  22. Migranteng Artista ng Bayan
  23. Organic Cultural and Environmental Organization
  24. Philippine Independent Church Choir
  25. Pinatud A Saleng Ti Umili (PSU)
  26. Pangasinan Organization for Welfare, Empowerment and Rights
  27. Samahang Migrante
  28. Sta Maria Migrants Association
  29. Filipino Migrant Workers’ Union (FMWU)
  30. FMWU City Hall Chapter
  31. FMWU Chater Garden Chapter
  32. FMWU Chater Road Chapter
  33. Abra Tinguian Ilocano Society
  34. Annak ti Maeng Tubo-HK
  35. Baggak Cultural Group
  36. Bangued Migrants Workers Association
  37. Bucay Migrants Workers
  38. Bucloc Overseas Workers Association
  39. Ganagan San Juan Association
  40. Lacub Migrants
  41. Lagangilang Overseas Association
  42. Langiden Migrants Organization
  43. Lapaz Migrants Association
  44. Licuan-Baay HK Association
  45. Maeng Tribe of Abra Luba-HK
  46. Malibcong Migrants Association
  47. Timpuyog Ti Tayum
  48. BAYAN Hong Kong & Macau
  49. Cordillera Alliance Hong Kong (CORALL)
  50. GABRIELA Hong Kong
  51. Gabriela Hong Kong Bank
  52. Filguys Association
  53. Promotion of Church Peoples’ Response (PCPR) – Hong Kong
  54. Anakbayan Europe
  55. International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines – Europe
  56. Migrante Partylist – Europe
  57. Promotion of Church People’s Response (PCPR) – Europe
  58. Migrante Austria
  59. Ugnayang Pilipino sa Belgium (UPB)
  60. Migrante Cyprus
  61. FOA – Au Pair – Demark
  62. Migrante Denmark
  63. Nagkakaisang Pilipino sa Pransya (NPSP)
  64. GABRIELA – Germany
  65. GABRIELA – Roma
  66. Migrante Bologna
  67. Migrante  Caserta
  68. Migrante Firenze
  69. Migrante Mantova
  70. Migrante Milano
  71. Milan OFW Kapitbisig
  72. UMANGAT – Migrante
  73. GABRIELA Switzerland
  74. Migrante Bern
  75. Kabalikat
  76. Linangan
  77. Makabayang Samahang Pilipino (MkSP)
  78. Migrante Amsterdam
  79. Migrante Netherlands Den Haag
  80. Migrante Utrecht
  81. Pinay sa Holland – GABRIELA
  82. Samahan ng mga Kabataan sa Netherlands (SAMAKA-NL)
  83. Bayanihan Leicester
  84. Campaign for the Human Rights in the Philippines-UK
  85. Filipino Domestic Workers Alliance (FDWA)
  86. GABRIELA London
  87. Kanlungan Filipino Consortium
  88. Migrante Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  89. Gabriela Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  90. FAPS INTERNATIONAL – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  91. Samahang Migrante Manggagawa Nagkakaisa sa Riyadh (SAMAKABA-MIGRANTE) – KSA
  92. JEDDAH FILIPINO SOCIETY – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  93. Migrante Qatar
  94. Gabriela United Arab Emirates
  95. Migrante Seattle, USA
  96. Migrante Portland, USA
  97. Migrante Napa-Solano, USA
  98. Migrante Daly City, USA
  99. PAWIS East Bay, USA
  100. PAWIS San Jose, USA
  101. Migrante Los Angeles, USA
  102. Migrante Long Beach, USA
  103. Migrante Orange County, USA
  104. Migrante New York, USA
  105. Migrante New Jersey, USA
  106. Migrante Youth New York, USA
  107. Migrante Chicago, USA
  108. Migrante Washington D.C., USA
  109. Anakbayan Washington DC
  110. Anakbayan Daly City, USA
  111. Anakbayan East Bay, USA
  112. Anakbayan De Anza, USA
  113. Anakbayan Silicon Valley, USA
  114. Anakbayan Santa Cruz, USA
  115. Anakbayan Los Angeles, USA
  116. Anakbayan University of California, Los Angeles, USA
  117. Anakbayan University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
  118. Anakbayan San Diego, USA
  119. Anakbayan Long Beach, USA
  120. Anakbayan Hawai’i, USA
  121. Anakbayan Chicago, USA
  122. Anakbayan University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
  123. Anakbayan Detroit, USA
  124. Anakbayan Queens, USA
  125. Anakbayan Manhattan, USA
  126. Anakbayan North Jersey, USA
  127. Anakbayan Rutgers, USA
  128. Anakbayan Washington, D.C., USA
  129. Anakbayan Atlanta, USA
  130. League of Filipino Students San Francisco State University, USA
  131. Migrante Manitoba, Canada
  132. Migrante BC, Canada,
  133. Migrante Alberta, Canada
  134. Migrante Ontario, Canada
  135. Migrante Ottawa, Canada
  136. Alberta Care Workers Association, Canada
  137. Kabisig Society of Fort Saskatchewan
  138. Philippine Migrant Society of Canada (PMSC)
  139. PINAY, Canada
  140. Association of Filipino Parents, Quebec, Canada
  141. Filipino Indigenous Association of Quebec, Canada
  142. Aklanon Association
  143. Migrante Canada
  144. MIGRANTE Aotearoa New Zealand
  145. MIGRANTE Aotearoa – Palmerston North
  146. MIGRANTE Aotearoa – Christchurch
  147. PINAY Aotearoa – New Zealand
  148. Migrante Builders Aotearoa
  149. Union Network of Migrants (UNEMIG), NEW ZEALAND
  150. MIGRANTE Australia
  151. Lingap Migrante – Western Sydney Australia
  152. Migrante North Hornsby, Sydney Australia
  153. Migrante South West – Sydney
  154. Philippines Australia Women’s Association
  155. Migrante Kultura
  156. Migrante Melbourne
  157. Migrante Melbourne East
  158. Migrante Melbourne North – Samahang Tatak Pinoy
  159. Migrante Melbourne Northeast
  160. Migrante Melbourne West
  161. Migrante Perth, Australia
  162. Advance League of People’s Artists (ALPA), Australia
  163. AnakBayan Sydney
  164. AnakBayan Melbourne
  165. BAYAN Australia
  166. Gabriela Australia
  167. Gabriela Greater Sydney
  168. Gabriela Victoria
  169. Gabriela Perth
  170. Philippines Studies Network in Australia (PINAS)
  171. Promotion for Church People’s Response (PCPR) Australia
  172. KAFIN Saitama – Migrante
  173. MIGRANTE Japan
  174. MIGRANTE Macau
  175. KASAMMAKO – Katipunan ng mga Samahan ng Migranteng Manggawa sa Korea
  176. New Era Foundation
  177. Pag-Iribang Bicolnon in Korea
  178. TERESA Women’s Organization
  179. EPS Korea
  180. Osan Migrants Centre
  181. MIGRANTE Taiwan
  182. ACTION – Association of Concerned Filipinos in Thailand
  183. Migrante Youth
  184. Migrante Philippines