State abandonment, neglect and state terrorism mark the five-year rule of President Rodrigo Duterte. It’s time to end a terrorist and criminal President. This is the unanimous declaration of OFWs in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, USA, Canada, seafarers and families on the eve of President Rodrigo Duterte’s last State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Migrante International Chairperson Joanna Concepcion sums up the miserable conditions of the OFWs as the worst in history in terms of increased state exaction through mandatory fees; state abandonment and neglect as response during the whole period of the pandemic; state repression and terrorism on OFWs abroad through red-tagging of the organizations that provide welfare assistance to their distressed compatriots; and intensified labor export program and a proposed Department of OFWs.

Loyal to his labor export program is his intensified and systematic open extortion of fees to Filipino migrants especially among OFWs, according to Migrante International’s Chapter in Asia and the Pacific. His promise to scrap the Overseas Employment Certificate did not happen and the planned implementation of increased premium and mandatory membership to Philhealth and SSS were suspended after the militant protest staged by OFWs themselves.

Despite the state exaction of fees, migrant workers in the Middle East attest that they did not benefit from any welfare program of the Philippine government especially during the COVID pandemic. Response to specific needs is too slow; thousands of OFWs who lost their jobs including those who are sick remain stranded despite the promises of the government to repatriate them. Abused and murdered OFWs like Grace Santos, still await justice and return of her remains still to be seen.

NietGeslaagd! (Dutch),  Gescheitert! (German), Fallito! (Italian), Fallido! (Spanish), migrant workers in Europe describe Duterte’s governance in five years a failure. Duterte failed in his promises to the migrants and to their families. He failed to give justice to the families of the innocent victims of his drug war; his government failed to provide services to the distressed OFWs especially the undocumented during the pandemic due to the closure of consulate offices. NTF-ELCAC agents were deployed to red-tag Migrante International member organizations and leaders who extended assistance to the abandoned OFWs. Worst of all, thick-faced government officials took advantage of the pandemic as photo opportunity to project themselves.

Meanwhile, Filipinos in Canada were deceived of President Duterte’s promises of change turned into neglect, abandonment, terror and death to people who are critical of his failed promises. Duterte’s stand on the West Philippine Seas is an affront to the Filipinos. He doesn’t deserve to remain in Malacañang! He should be ousted now!

Similarly, Filipino migrants in the United States denounce President Duterte’s Anti-Terror Law that terrorized progressive organizations and those critical of his administration. Mass leaders have become victims of red-tagging through social media.   PNP outposts in the US have been set up as surveillance centers, some even located in consulates where Filipinos are recruited to spy, report and malign migrants who are active in joining rallies launched by Migrante International, Bayan and Anak Bayan. Instead of deploying labor officials, the Duterte government is sending military attaches and personnel’s to promote the programs of NTF-ELCAC; organizing town hall forums in order to promote false news and recruit Filipinos who are tasked to disrupt activities of the progressive organizations.

Overseas Filipinos have awakened to the reality of Duterte’s true colors, a monster and a vile person who deceived the people with his fake promises, plundered the country’s resources and determined to stay in power in exchange to selling out the national sovereignty to imperialist China and the US.

Migrante International enjoins all compatriots to collectively end Duterte’s tyrannical reign now!

Prosecute Duterte for his crime against the Filipino people!

Duterte Terrorist and Anti Peace!

Oust Duterte!