Overseas Filipinos Slam Duterte in Surpassing Marcos and Pledge to End his tyrannical rule in 2022

Devious Duterte marked his first feat after he assumed as president in 2016 when he allowed the burial of the late Dictator Marcos’ remains at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Indeed at the onset, Duterte depicted himself as the neo-dictator getting control of the Supreme Court and the Lower House despite militant protests by progressive groups, Martial Law victims and families.

Today, the fifth anniversary of Marcos’ burial as Duterte’s hero, stirs up anger and condemnation among overseas Filipinos who have endured and suffered under the tyrannical and fascist rule of Duterte. Without a doubt he has mastered the crooked policies of his idol particularly, the Labor Export Program, taking into account the exodus of thousands of OFWs including health workers to difficult and dangerous parts of the world amidst the global pandemic. Likewise, the one million Filipinos who returned home continue to face the miseries of being unemployed and deeper into poverty.

Certainly, in over five years victims of human rights violations under Duterte has exceeded Marcos’ twenty-year martial rule. Reports showed that since Duterte came into power in 2016, the actual death toll has reached more than 30,000 which include innocent drug victims, lawyers, peace advocates, activists, critiques, community organizers, indigenous peoples and religious persons. Even worse, Duterte’s military NTF-ELCAC was extended to overseas posts where progressive individuals, organizations and migrant advocates have been red-tagged and vilified instead of providing concrete assistance to our distressed kababayans who have been displaced and are in need of financial assistance, food, medical assistance and other welfare support.  

Marcos’ plunder record pale in comparison to what Duterte has amassed within this short period. Would you imagine the country’s total debt reached 13.7T dollars in loans from different international entities? A significant amount has been undertaken under the guise of COVID 19 response in the country but millions of families have been left behind. Worse, Duterte’s shady character was in cahoots with syndicates like Pharmally that made profits at the expense of the Filipino taxpayers including health frontliners who risked their lives to save victims of the pandemic. Needless to say, poor people who lost their jobs did not get the much-needed ayuda promised by this heartless and anti-people government of Duterte.

Most horrible of all, Duterte has made a mockery of our democracy and the national elections! His sly and treacherous tactics in extending his dictatorial powers beyond his six-year term obviously created the Marcos-Duterte tandem and the Go-Duterte alternative. Last minute filing of candidacy or changing candidates is totally disgusting and a mockery of our electoral system! Sakim sa kapangyarihan! Ang kapal ng mukha!

It’s time to end this travesty of family dynasty, military rule, greed and corruption. We cannot allow these crooks to control and continuously plunder our economy and destroy our country. We have been fooled, ridiculed and made a laughing stock in the international community. We have nothing to lose but the chain of oppression that transforms our people to modern day slaves for export.

Migrante International urges all patriotic overseas Filipinos and families to collectively stop the Marcos-Duterte conspiracy to prolong their tyrannical and plunderous rule of their family dynasties. Enough of lies, deception and greed!

Duterte-Marcos Biguin! Duterte Wakasan!

Never Again, Never Forget!

Marcos-Duterte Sobra na, Tama na!