Overseas Filipinos urge the Supreme Court to stand for justice and defend democracy

Today history will judge fifteen Supreme Court justices who shall hear 37 petitions from former SC justices, lawyers, journalists, artists, IPs, environmentalists, development workers, academics, and human rights defenders – the biggest number of petitioners against the constitutionality of the Anti Terror Act (ATA).

MIGRANTE International stands in solidarity with the petitioners who believe that the ATA violates basic rights and legitimize supposed state attacks against government critics, according to Migrante Chairperson Joanna Concepcion. Fast-tracked by the Duterte regime, the ATA was signed into law in less than a year and used to terrorize, red-tag, vilify, and execute activists, indigenous peoples and human rights defenders and most recently cut the UP-DND accord. This is de-facto Martial Law, she further stated.

Overseas Filipinos who have been vocal against anti-migrant policies have been victims of the same terror-tagging and even threat of deportation such as the experience of a Filipina caregiver in Taiwan. They also fear for the safety of their families left behind. Worst of all, they are scared that when they return to their loved ones back home they would be subjected to illegal arrest and detention without due process, Ms. Concepcion attested.

Despite these anxieties Migrante International is determined to strengthen its chapters abroad to stand firm with the petitioners to end the Duterte tyranny and dictatorship. ATA is obviously a weapon for Duterte to control power through his political dynasty, Joanna Concepcion concluded.

Junk Anti Terror Law!

Uphold Human Rights!

Defend Human Rights Defenders!