PH gov’t slacking while manpower agencies run dirty tactics – MIGRANTE Middle East


May 23, 2023

Migrante Middle East is disturbed by the rising cases of contract substitutions and labor rights violations experienced by OFW workers in the UAE, particularly in the cleaning services sector. 

Since early 2020, a huge number of distressed cleaners reportedly had their labor rights and overall welfare violated by their employers. The majority of these affected workers were directly hired from the Philippines through POEA job orders. Upon arrival in the host country, they found out that their signed master contracts have been substituted and/or revised without their consent by Philippine agencies and are different from what is being honored in the host country.

It is dismaying to know this is happening despite the numerous, cumbersome requirements most OFWs have to go through and abide by which, the state claims, are supposed to protect Filipino migrant workers. 

In all cases, the cleaners suffered multiple labor malpractices. Grueling extended working hours without overtime pay and proper rest, unjust salary deductions, and other unlawful company policies superseding the local labor law were imposed upon the employees. In addition, the service workers endured verbal and mental abuse and sexual harassment. Needless to say, these conditions had adverse effects on the employees, both physically and mentally. Sadly, some have even resulted in death.

We call upon the PH government and its local representatives to take a hard look at the plight of our OFWs in the cleaning sector and take immediate action against the ​​unscrupulous agencies involved. 

Holding guilty parties liable is only but a part. We also challenge the respective PH authorities to devise preventive and long-lasting solutions to ensure and uphold the rights and welfare of Filipino migrant workers.###