#SaveMaryJaneVeloso Update from Nusakambangan prison island as of 2:40pm, PH time

save mj tarp(1)Sent by NUPL lawyer Atty. Edre Olalia who accompanied the Veloso family in the prison visit to Mary Jane

1. Mary Jane spent about two hours quality time and bonding with family. Mary Jane incredibly strong, calm and composed. She tells family not to feel sad and is buoying their spirits. Little boys playful with their mom. Father and Mom initially broken but regained composure. Sisters showed intense affinity with each other.

2. Mary Jane maintains absolute innocence. She may die but she firmly maintains she was a victim. Sends out four (4) handwritten letters.

3.  She tells Phil private lawyers more details of her ordeal. NUPL notices wide gaps in chain of custody of subject luggage from Malaysia to Indonesia that were all opportunities for placing or planting of heroin without her knowledge.

4. She is happy that a second judicial review was filed and that all efforts are being made to save her. She thanks all supporters.

5. Prison guards and officials very nice to Mary Jane and vouch for her amiable, thoughtfulness and bubbly personality.

6. Visits being prepared tomorrow and Monday for longer time till 4pm. Today’s visit short because she is still in semi-isolation.