#SONA2015 OFWs to the people: Defy Noynoy’s ‘garisSONA’

photo from bayan.ph
photo from bayan.ph

Global alliance of overseas Filipinos Migrante International called on all overseas Filipino workers, their families and the Filipino public to defy state repression and suppression of the people’s big protest on Aquino’s last State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Migrante slammed the Aquino government’s “overkill set-up” along Commonwealth Avenue going to Batasan Road in Quezon City. “The present set-up is a virtual garisson, Aquino’s ‘garisSONA’. Aquino is terrified of the people’s biggest protest against his presidency. He is alarmed because on his last SONA the Filipino people are set to hold him accountable for all his crimes and sins against the people. Our message this People’s SONA: Panagutin at ikulong si Aquino (Prosecute and jail Aquino)!” said Sol Pillas, Migrante International secretary-general.

Pillas said that the ‘garisSONA’ along Commonwealth is testament that Aquino is “on war-footing with the people”. “Mistulang ikukulong ang mamamayang magpoprotesta sa hawla. Ang tuwid na daan ni Aquino, sa kadulo-duluhan, ay puro harang, barbed wire at pagsikil sa mga karapatan ng mamamayan.”

The ‘garisSONA’, she said, highlights the recent spates of harassment, repression and orchestrated attacks on the righs and civil liberties of political activists, mass organizations and their supporters. “We believe that these incidents of harassment, warrantless arrests, filing of trumped-up charges, baseless red-baiting and surveillance being conducted by the armed forces and other state agents are all part of a coordinated attack on the democratic mass movement as Aquino’s term is set to end. There is an undeclared martial law happening and it is being perpetrated by the Aquino government.”

 “If Aquino thinks that these will cause a chilling effect on people’s protests, it is dead wrong. We call on all democracy-loving Filipinos, defy state repression, end the Aquino regime!” Pillas said. ###

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