“Stop using Taiwan OFW as a punching bag to divert people’s attention from Duterte’s inutility” — Migrante International to DOLE

Migrante International denounces in the strongest terms the harassment being done against Elanel Egot Ordidor, an OFW caregiver, by DOLE and its POLO officials in Taiwan including Labor Attaché Fidel V. Macauyag. There are thousands upon thousands of distressed, abused, stranded and neglected OFWs needing to be rescued and assisted but these overseas POLO officials opted instead to expend all their time in the world to gang up on Ordidor on the mere basis of her critical views against President Duterte. This is definitely meant to divert people’s attention from the Duterte regime’s inutility in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and recession in the Philippines. 

They were even able to determine her exact location and are currently coercing Ordidor to delete her uploaded videos and apologize to President Duterte. Is this the reason why President Duterte is rejecting calls to make use of his intelligence funds to address the COVID-19 public health crisis? Are some of these funds being used to do cyber espionage against his critics? These acts of coercion and harassment against Ordidor are violations of her democratic right to freedom of expression. 

PHOTO: politiko Mindanao

It is outrageous that these officials from MECO and DOLE are very overzealous in their display of bootlicking skills toward President Duterte and seem to have plenty of time to bully a poor OFW while the pleas of countless other Filipino migrant workers are falling on deaf ears. When an OFW cries out for help, these POLO officials seem to be slowly crawling on an obstacle course. However, they are now proving to be faster than lightning when it comes to threatening Ordidor with deportation and filing of charges. MECO can’t even put an end to the broker system in Taiwan that bleeds OFW pockets dry through payment of huge fees from day one, up to the end of their contracts. POLO failed to provide protection to many starving OFWs who have lost their jobs. Is DOLE now going to prioritize Ordidor’s deportation instead of repatriating our stranded kababayans? 

POLO Taichung even had the nerve to brand Ordidor’s pronouncements as “nasty” and “malevolent” as if Duterte’s language is the purest of all. In fact, one only has to look online and see a vast number of video recordings of Duterte’s profanity-laden speeches that insult women, drivers, janitors and everyone else whom he wants to defame and denigrate. Numerous times, Duterte has incited the police and the military to shoot people dead. Is Duterte’s blood freak and obscene tongue the official yardstick of DOLE for immaculate speech? 

Duterte himself is the chief destabilizer of the Philippine government. People are suffering from his misgovernance, inutility and tyranny. He has destabilized the lives of millions of Filipinos who are now bereft of the means to support their daily needs because of the government’s inaction and corruption. Migrante International strongly warns DOLE to stop the harassment of Elanel Egot Ordidor. Stop using critical OFWs as their punching bag just to divert people’s attention away from the Duterte regime’s inutility in this period of crisis. 

Tulong hindi kulong!

Bigas hindi dahas!

Solusyong medikal, hindi militar!

Ayuda, hindi diktadura!

Duterte resign!