“Thanks, but no thanks”, OFWs slam new OFW ID

Flaunted by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) as President Duterte’s “best gift” to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), the OFW ID or the iDOLE is now receiving flak from OFWs and different sectors.

According to Arman Hernando, Migrante International spokesperson, the iDOLE is a haphazard attempt to impress and appease OFWs in time for the president’s next State of the Nation Address (SONA). “Unfortunately, it has been exposed as yet another money-making scheme as quickly as it was hastily launched by the government.”

“How could it be the ‘best gift’ when even the DOLE is clueless on its relevance? There is as yet no implementing guidelines on how it is supposed to function. It will not even benefit all OFWs and only new hires. Worse, the DOLE claims that it will be free of charge, to replace the useless scrap of paper that is the OEC (overseas employment certificate), but it turns out to be seven times more expensive at Php701. Employers are expected to pay for the iDOLE but since when has this stopped them from passing on the burden to recruitment agencies and, consequently, to OFWs?” Hernando said.

“Thanks, but no thanks, President Duterte. Hindi po ito regalo kundi dagdag-perwisyo para sa mga OFW.”

 Hernando said that the government would do well to cease from its “big talk” and instead genuinely address issues that would stop forced migration and put an end to the policy of labor export.

Migrante described Duterte’s first year in office as “a year of big talk, band-aids and business-as-usual” for OFWs and their families.

“For all his posturing and promises, Duterte has so far done nothing substantial to curb forced migration, something that he promised to make ‘optional and not a necessity’ when he assumed office. Instead, what we have seen thus far is a rehash of the same neoliberal policy of labor export when it comes to peddling Filipinos’ cheap and docile labor to the global market. Talk is cheap, band-aids are temporary and business-as-usual means a never-ending and chronic cycle for OFWs and their families. We do not wish to hear more of the same from President Duterte in his SONA,” he said.

Migrante International will join the BAYAN-led contingent in the upcoming People’s SONA here and abroad on July 24. ###