The Philippine election is a sham! We shall not be duped! Oust Duterte!

Migrante Australia joins the Filipino people in protesting against the outcome of the May 13 National and Local Elections. We reject the unfolding result of this election as election irregularities continue to be collected and documented by independent watchdog like Kontra Daya.

The results of the election favours heavily the Administration senatorial candidates or President Duterte’s chosen whose loyalty is only to him. Duterte’s state machinery was in full force.

  1. Government resources, paid for by Filipino people’s taxes, were used to promote pro-administration candidates and sustain their nation-wide campaign. There were massive and rampant vote-buying.
  2. The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) were instructed to target and harass opposition groups especially the progressive partylists and candidates. Duterte used his presidential position to denigrate opposition and progressive candidates. Police and military personnel were out spreading black propaganda materials against the opposition candidates and progressive partylists.
  3. Duterte, complete control of the Commission on Elections, manipulated the automated polling system. The election saw over P10 Billion of taxpayers’ money spent on an automated election that lacked transparency. There were more machine and software failures this year compared to previous elections. Most glaringly, the transmission of election returns was marred with suspicious lapses and a staggering 7-hour server delay. COMELEC denied requests for open data and independent checks.
  4. Mindanao, still under Martial Law, saw military presence inside precincts, which is a violation of election law. Also, the military and police agencies are supposed to be non-partisan and must remain neutral.
  5. Duterte’s trolls milled out lies about opposition candidates and partylists. Five partylists under MAKABAYAN coalition were reported to have been “disqualified” by COMELEC days before election day.


  1. Those of us who are overseas absentee voters suffered a similar fate with disenfranchisement, late deliveries of ballots, postal delays, broken seals, stamp/postage issues and receipt discrepancies.

Migrante Australia joins the Filipino people in protesting the highly irregular election results. We will not concede defeat! We will continue to fight for genuine democracy, national sovereignty and social justice. Oust the fascist and corrupt Duterte regime now!


Migrante Australia

17 May 2019