Statement of MIGRANTE International

On the occasion of the Philippine Independence Day 

June 12, 2021

On the occasion of the Philippine Independence Day, millions of Filipino migrants and overseas workers around the world, like us, will take pause and remember our beloved Pilipinas.  But instead of fond memories of home, we are reminded of betrayal.   

We are betrayed by our own government whose Labor Export Program from the time of Marcos to the present day under Duterte, has marketed our cheap labor abroad as commodities.  We are neglected by our government specially now during the Pandemic.  Bereft of help from the host country, many of us lost our jobs and left to fend for ourselves without decent shelter and financial aid from our government.  Many got infected with Covid 19 and some have died.   

We were betrayed by the Duterte government whose campaign promise five years ago to protect OFWs and to end the need to find work abroad due to poverty and necessity, was proven to be a big lie.  What is more reprehensible is that President Duterte has also betrayed the nation.  Instead of fighting to defend the West Philippine Sea from Chinese intrusion and takeover, he allowed it and even treasonously said that China has possession of these islands.  He has sold our sovereignty to his Chinese masters and he only has a few Sinovac vaccines to show. 

The betrayal does not end there. Ever since his term started, he has opened up the economy welcoming Chinese telecoms, POGO gambling operations and businesses to the detriment of Filipino local business. He allowed foreign mining firms to plunder our rich natural resources and to deprive the succeeding generation of Filipinos of their patrimony. He sold our rich fishing grounds to China and refused to defend our own fishers from Chinese harassment. 

Duterte has also strengthened the US military control of the country with joint military exercises, procurement of military hardware and continuation of the Visiting Forces Agreement, revealing again that his promise to junk the VFA was another lie. 

Right now, in the last year of his term, Duterte is pushing a Charter Change to remove economic protection to Filipinos, allow foreigners especially Chinese and Americans to own lands, run vital utilities and even Civil Aviation and Domestic Shipping.  Charter change will also lift protections to Filipino business and expose the country to the intrusion of foreign investors. 

After five years, Duterte has finally admitted that his campaign promises to protect our sovereignty was nothing but a big joke.  But we are not amused.  We shall not go silently in the face of these betrayals.   

Migrante International, together with its member organizations and chapters worldwide join the whole nation in condemning these treasonous acts against our sovereignty, independence and national patrimony. 

On the occasion of the Philippine Independence Day, let our voices be heard: 

The Philippines is ours! 

Defend our Sovereignty and Freedom!

China-US-Duterte, keep out!