“Turn our anguish into collective valour and determination to thrash Duterte’s forces of doom” — Migrante International on the National Day of Mourning vs. state-sponsored killings

If only our eyes were a fountain of tears, we might weep day and night for the unrelenting slaughter of the most impoverished amongst our people. Striking terror, the US-Duterte regime delights in the blood of the slain masses. His Memorandum Order 32 signed on 22 November 2018 has already yielded 87 fatalities in Negros alone with 17 killings occuring on the last week of July this year. 

Hankering to justify these state-sponsored attacks, Bato dela Rosa along with members of the military and police have launched a red scare and black propaganda campaign to denigrate student activists and progressive organizations who are known for championing social justice and national democracy. We see no other motive for these Fascist machinations other than criminalizing dissent, militarization of schools and to continue the regime’s bloody persecution of all marginalized sectors in Philippine society. All for the interest of the ruling class. 


The US-Duterte regime is a destructive killing machine that constantly feeds human flesh and entrails to its predatory vultures in AFP and PNP. It is hell bent on piling more victims on a soaring mountain of corpses. Let us then rise up and put an end to this dreadful sight by registering our loudest dissent and condemnation against these atrocities. 

As the regime seeks to dash even the last remaining morsels of our democratic rights and freedom, now is the best time to be militant activists and unleash bold resistance against tyranny. Now more than ever, the country needs more activists of heroic caliber in order for the illumined masses to save this nation and future generations from pestilent damnation. 

In unison with all freedom-loving Filipinos, Migrante International joins the nation in observing the National Day of Mourning to protest against the killings perpetrated by the US-Duterte regime. Let us turn our anguish into collective valour and determination to thrash Duterte’s forces of doom that have been ravaging incessantly in every underprivileged corner of our country.