U.S. Report on Elections – Migrante USA

Contact: Napoleon Pempeña, Secretary-General, [email protected],

1 (858) 729-4849
In the United States, overseas voting in the U.S. was primarily done through mailed ballots. The following are the summary of issues reported by Migrante Chapters in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

  1. Ballots mailed to different addresses; consulate did not have updated addresses for the voters. Over 3,000 alone were returned to the Los Angeles Consulate
  2. Some voters with correct addresses were not able to receive their ballots on time. Many received their ballots very late, even the day before the election on May 13.
  3. Two SD cards were malfunctioning in the San Francisco Consulate
  4. Prepaid stamps were not included in all the mailed ballot envelopes
  5. Envelopes merely given by hand to Embassy staff, no secrecy folder or locked box
  6. Embassy Officials conducted the actual feeding into VCM (Voting Count Machines), NOT the voters. Voters did not receive any receipts.
  7. No early voters information drive were conducted by the Philippine consulates to increase voter participation
  8. 15-18% votes cast out of 60,000 ballots sent by SF consulate
  9. Police attaché office present in San Francisco consulate