“Unite against racism! Justice for George Floyd and for all victims of social injustices!” — MIgrante International

Migrante International vehemently denounces the brutal murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department. We extend our support and solidarity to the millions of people in the US and around the world who have taken into the streets to demand justice and equality. Filipino migrant communities mourn with the friends and loved ones of George Floyd who are grief-stricken by his tragic passing.

The violent repression by US authorities of poor, black and migrant communities in the United States coincides with the imperialist wars of aggression being waged by the Pentagon in countries whose people are asserting their right to national liberation and self-determination. Aside from the vile and endless military interventions perpetrated by the US war machine, the nations of the world are battered by US-led neoliberal assaults. These crimes against humanity have led to the displacement and forced migration of hundreds of millions of people around the globe including Filpinos who are continually peddled by the Duterte regime’s labour export programme. 

PHOTO: Anakbayan UIC

US imperialism is designed to oppress and strangulate the people into submission as it gives the utmost breathing space for members of the ruling class who have enriched themselves through plunder and exploitation. In the same manner that the American people have had enough of Fascist tyranny and impunity, Filipinos are standing up against the bloody Duterte regime which has been using US military aid in its fetish for mass bloodshed. We can’t breathe and it is time to fight back and get rid of racism and oppression by creating a democratic society that truly values people’s lives and freedom. 

Justice for George Floyd! 

Black Lives Matter! 

End police and white supremacist terror! 

Down with US imperialism and state fascism!