Vigilance against possible US meddling in Corona impeachment urged

Global alliance of overseas Filipinos and families Migrante International today called on the public to be vigilant against the US government’s possible meddling and interference in the ongoing Corona impeachment trial.

The migrant group made the statement as two top US officials’ criticisms of the country’s bank secrecy laws were recently made public by Wikileaks through a series of cables and dispatches sent to Washington from 2005 to 2008. The cables bared former US ambassadors to Manila Francis Ricciardone and Kirstie Kenney’s remarks following a so-called global trend to ease bank secrecy laws in light of the present global financial crisis and the 2005 Armed Forces of the Philippines corruption scandal.

“We are concerned at the extent and vast scope of knowledge of the country’s internal political affairs the US government appears to enjoy.  In the cables, Kenney even demanded an explanation from the Philippine Anti-Money Laundering Council for the Supreme Court’s decision on the Eugenio case as if our high court and government are directly answerable to them. This is a clear violation of the country’s national sovereignty and a direct intrusion into the country’s legal processes,” said Garry Martinez, Migrante International chairperson.

“The Corona impeachment process now stands suspect. Who’s to say now that it is fully independent and free of the US government’s meddling?”

Martinez said that it is within US interest to interfere in the impeachment process on the core issue of the SC ruling on Hacienda Luisita and other pertinent pending cases that may greatly affect foreign business and assets should the SC impart similar unfavorable decisions.

“Especially now, since it has become more and more clear that the ongoing impeachment trial is not resolute in holding former president Gloria Arroyo accountable. It is but an impulsive whim by Aquino, who is blatantly and directly wielding state machineries and processes, out of vindictiveness over the SC’s Hacienda Luisita ruling,” he said.

Martinez called on all democracy-loving overseas Filipinos and the public to be watchful of the impeachment process and resist any moves by the US to intervene into the process.###