What’s the deal? OFWs not impressed with Napoles’ “surrender”

For overseas Filipinos, even Janet Lim Napoles’ “surrender” is nothing but a scam.

“It is an obvious scripted move, and a lame one, aimed at diverting public outrage at Aquino’s refusal to scrap the pork barrel. OFWs are not buying it, they are not the least bit impressed. We smell a fishy deal tantamount to a white-wash of the ongoing investigation of the pork barrel scam,” said Garry Martinez, Migrante International chairperson.

Martinez said, “Judging from the President and Malacanang’s special treatment of Napoles, it looks like a deal has been made to protect administration allies involved in pork barrel scam. Now more than ever is the time for us to exercise vigilance.”

Martinez also slammed Aquino for his direct meddling. “Hindi ba’t talagang nakakamangha at nakakainsulto naman? Itong pangulo nating kahit kailan ay hindi direktang nagsalita o nakialam sa mga isyu ng mga OFW, isang tawag lang ng isang pugante aksyon agad.”

Migrante International will launch “every Friday” protests against the pork barrel and will announce global protests in the few days. ###