“With the power and collective struggle of the Filipino people, the Duterte Fascist regime will be brought down in shame!” – Migrante International on the 34th EDSA People Power Anniversary

25 February 2020

Marking the 34th anniversary of the People Power Uprising, we were roused up today with the news that three (3) killings occurred within a 4-hour period in Cebu City. The rise of bloodshed in the Philippines which has claimed thousands of lives in the last 4 years can only be attributed to the sheer tyranny of the US-Duterte regime. This is indeed  a harrowing reminder that the evil days of dictatorship continue to cast the dark clouds of terror over the Filipino people. 

As it was during the time of Ferdinand Marcos, the objectives of the Duterte regime’s dictatorship remain parallel but to a greater extent, the perpetuation of corruption, culture of impunity, elitist rule and further aggravation of foreign domination fire up our severest contempt. 


The Duterte regime’s depravity impels it to commit atrocities of the worst kind, neither seen nor heard even in the bloodiest junctures of the Marcos dictatorship. To this moment, justice is elusive for Jay-Ar Mercado who was killed by elements of the Philippine Army’s 4th Infantry Battalion just after his arrest on 25 January in Mindoro Oriental. The Tacloban 5 composed of human rights workers, a journalist and a climate activist wrongfully languish in prison. 

Recently, the Philippine National Police provoked nationwide fury for profiling transgender women and Muslim students. In the guise of crime-prevention and counter-terrorism, the armed mercenaries of this despotic regime have gone to the extent of criminalizing normalcy. The abuse of power by PNP and AFP inflicts terror even against common people who are simply trying their best to lead ordinary lives in this period of great tribulation. 

Instead of presiding over the stern damnation of the most vicious criminals contrived by an unjust political and economic system – the big drug lords, mining lords, big landlords, international traffickers and Fascist murderers, the Duterte regime itself has become the number one criminal threat to public security. Professing love for hardened scoundrels, Duterte has likewise set out on a personal vendetta against his perceived enemies at the cost of thousands of jobs in ABS-CBN. It is no secret that the closure of the media network will not only stifle press freedom but will afford lavish favour to Dennis Uy, President Duterte’s most beloved crony. 

Beyond our shores, Duterte’s Fascist avarice pesters Filipino communities in different parts of the world. Using public money and resources which should have been used to improve social services to OFWs and other marginalized sectors in the Philippines, Duterte dispatched Maj. General Antonio Parlade with a pack of other officials just weeks ago for their red-tagging junket in Australia. 

Projecting the facade of conducting a “Peace Briefing,” this brood of vipers spinned ridiculous tales to vilify Migrante International and other progressive organizations that uphold the rights and welfare of the Filipino people. If the Duterte terrorist regime believes that Filipino migrants and the entire Filipino people will be cowed by deception and persecution, he is grossly mistaken. Instead of pursuing peace and economic stability to bring back millions of overseas Filipinos from their banishment, the Duterte regime resorts to red-tagging and persecuting grassroots organizations that serve the marginalized Filipino masses. 

In the same manner as his predecessor Marcos, the US-Duterte regime has exacerbated its Labour Export Programme as part of its Neoliberal and Fascist agenda to dampen people’s unrest and preserve the semi-colonial and semi-feudal bondage of the Filipino society tormented by chronic crisis. 

Even in all its Machiavellian ferocity, the Duterte regime will never succeed in stamping out the upsurge of the Filipino people’s resistance.  Oppressed and forsaken, we as a people will rise above all our adversities to once again wield the power of our collective struggle. Like the reprobate Marcos dictator, the Fascist Duterte regime will inevitably go down in shame in the annals of history as a despicable tyrant hated and condemned by the Filipino people and the entire world. 

Encouraging the weary, freeing the captives and relieving the oppressed,  let us march forward with strength and revolutionary fervour to realize our national democratic aspirations. No matter how long and perilous the journey, we shall overcome in the strength of our collective struggle and unity. May we draw inspiration from those who have come before us. Those who fought and brought down dictators in the hope that we will live in just and lasting peace. 

Oust the US-Duterte regime! 

Fight tyranny!