International campaign urging SC to allow Mary Jane to testify launched in Indonesia

A global campaign to save the life of Mary Jane Veloso was launched earlier today in Jakarta, Indonesia during The Interfaith Mission for Solidarity and Service with Migrants, Refugees and Uprooted People. As a victim of drug and human-trafficking who has been languishing on death row, Mary Jane’s case was highlighted as a take-off point to broaden the scope of services and the solidarity work of over 20 international organizations in Asia in their collaborative mission to combat labour trafficking

About 50 delegates representing major faith-based organizations, ecumenical bodies, academic communities, migrant-advocacy groups and institutions from South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hongkong, Bangladesh and the Philippines raised their call on the Supreme Court of the Philippines to allow Mary Jane to testify against her wrongdoers.

On September 3, 2018, a petition was filed before the Supreme Court by Celia and Cesar Veloso, parents of Mary Jane, after their motion for reconsideration was dismissed by the Court of Appeals reaffirming the prohibition on the obtainment of Mary Jane’s written deposition in Indonesia.

Among those present in the interfaith event in Jakarta are Cesar Veloso and Mary Jane’s sons, Daniel and Darren. They were accompanied by Migrante International spokesperson Arman Hernando who welcomed the broad show of solidarity from all the participating organizations. “This big show of support coming from other international migrant organizations as well as from major faith-based organizations in Asia boosts our collective resolve to champion Mary Jane’s attainment of justice and freedom,” Hernando said.

The campaign will also be launched in Europe after Nanay Celia departed for Belgium this morning to lobby for support from EU organizations, UN agencies and Filipino communities.





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