National Consultation: Advancing the Rights and Welfare of Filipino Migrants and their Families

The COVID19 pandemic has resulted in the mass displacement and loss of livelihood, economic and health insecurity, and heightening discrimination among millions of migrant workers worldwide. It has also exacerbated the systemic inequalities and oppressive conditions already faced by migrant workers. In asserting their rights and demands for immediate welfare assistance and services from the Philippine government, distressed OFWs and Filipinos overseas, along with their families have faced immense challenges compounded by the Duterte government’s repression of the democratic rights of the Filipino people.

The Duterte administration’s response to the plight and struggles of distressed OFWs and Filipinos overseas is characterized by grave neglect and abandonment as their demands for financial aid, livelihood support, welfare services, justice and social protection have been disregarded. For the past five years, it has failed to provide full protection and timely critical services to thousands of victims of rights abuses and it has implemented policies and practices that further undermined their rights, placed their safety and health at risk and imposed additional financial burden on their families through new mandatory government fees.

OFWs and Overseas Filipinos are clamoring for genuine changes in government leadership and the upcoming 2022 elections in the Philippines will be an important arena to engage and challenge candidates on developing clear plans and policies to address their pressing and long-standing concerns and issues.

The 2-day National Consultation aims to bring together grassroot migrant groups, migrant rights advocates and service institutions working together to organize, empower and serve Filipino migrants to discuss the challenges they face in organizing and advancing migrant rights campaigns and strategize together on how to strengthen our collective work. The consultation will also be an opportunity to unite on an electoral platform/agenda OFWs/Migrants that will be utilized as a campaign tool to push for meaningful policy changes in the protection and upholding of the rights of Filipino migrant workers and their families.

The discussion and outcomes of the national consultation will also support the continued efforts of grassroots migrants, their families and advocates in engaging with local, regional and international platforms to push for stronger policies and government accountability.

Prior to the 2-day National Consultation, there will be regional consultations held for Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to prepare for their sharings at the national consultation and an opportunity to have deeper discussions on the issues, challenges and strategies.


  1. Discuss the challenges in organizing and advancing campaigns for Filipino migrant workers rights and welfare, and identify strategies to address them
  2. Unite on an electoral 2022 agenda/platform for OFW/Migrants


1. November 8- Luzon Regional Consultation 

2. November 9 – Visayas Regional Consultation 

3. November 10- Mindanao Regional Consultation 

4. November 19-20: National Consultation 

**Note: Consultations will be hybrid (combination of online and in person) 

To register for the regional and national consultation: